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Effective Back Pain Treatment‎ in Kerala

So after I ended up on bed after a major car accident, I found myself stuck on it for a while because of a few issues – 

  1. I had a fractured transverse process L2, L3 and L4 on my vertebrae (L) side. In normal english, that meant that I had major pain on my back which made walking, sitting, moving hard. 
  2. MRI scans, CT scans and XRays were done to clear out issues with my head and spine etc. No more issues other than the one I mentioned above was found. But soon after, I found my self dizzy – every time I moved my head even a little bit. It was a rollercoaster ride every time I sat up or lay down or even looked around. 
  3. My muscles on the left side had got some damage on impact. So lifting my left leg was pretty hard. 

So, after emergency care, when I left the hospital (on a wheel chair) – they said that about 4 weeks of bed rest should cure it and the body will heal itself. But the dizziness wouldn’t go away, I was too worried about the fracture to try moving at all. My muscles felt totally weak on a whole. 

This is when we came across this Ayurveda hospital(Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home). They looked at these issues differently than the allopathy doctors. They said that the body does need some help in order to fix issues like this. The spine – which is a major pathway for the nerves, cannot be looked at mildly. Issues to the spine, however mild – cannot be overlooked. They also said that XRays, MRIs and CT scans catch only major issues. The minor issues cannot be caught on these and so will be left untreated – which would cause major problems in the future. And therefore, they prescribed 14 days of treatment for the whole body.

Treatment done

  1. Nasyam
  2. Abhyangam
  3. Pizhichil
  4. Lepam
  5. Shirodhara

To be frank, the day I got to the hospital – walking using my walker, I wasn’t very excited about it – more hospital stay. 14 more days of it! How would time move? But as treatment began and I began to interact more with the people around, my point of view totally flipped. 

Everybody was extremely caring – from the person who serves us food in the canteen to the people who did the procedures for me to the doctors who prescribed them. That almost made this place feel like home. There was genuine concern when they asked about the pain and behaved like how family would behave. I made friends in the staff and other patients here which made the environment very happy and light. 

After a day or two of treatment, I started feeling the healing effect of Ayurveda. Muscles through-out my body started feeling stronger, the dizziness went away in a week and the back pain reduced. They even found a glass piece in my back during treatment and removed it – which reduced the pain considerably. Care was given to my whole body – not just the part which was affected by the accident. 

All in all, it was a very successful 14 days and walking out of here, I folded my walker, kept it in the back of our car and walked out without any support. Thanks to everybody here, I can move out forgetting that an accident of this sort happened to me. 


About the Author : 

A female patient – Ananya, a 23 year old architect/ blogger who consulted at us on 1st Dec 2017 for treatment after 2 weeks of being involved in an car accident. You can read her blog at

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