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Treatment For Disc Protrusion, Stenosis

ABDUL AZEEZ, 47yrs MRD No: 14992 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (11/05/15) 47 year old driver presented with history of low back pain 6days. He has been suffering from recurrent LBA for the last 1 year. 6days back he experienced severe radiating pain to left lower limb. The pain was....

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Treatment For Sciatica

KOMALAM, 53 yrs MRD No: 19156 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (21/06/17) Patient presented with constant moderate pain in low back area associated with numbness in left hand and left leg. The 53 year old female patient was apparently normal before four years. Gradually she started pain in low....

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Treatment For Scoliosis

SREELESH, 27yrs MRD No: 18530 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (08/02/17) The 27yr old male patient presented with a history of low back ache for 2yrs. The pain is localized to lumbo sacral region and is exacerbated by his activities.  3 months back pain got increased and he felt very....

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Treatment For Spondylolisthesis

RAJEESH, 25yrs MRD No: 16753 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (18/04/17) The patient presented with exacerbated pain in the low back region radiating to left leg associated with numbness. Pain was aggravating while bending forward or in reaching out position. He had a history of fall hitting....

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Treatment For Lumbar Disc Bulge

RAMYA, 30yrs MRD No: 18056 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (09/07/16) 30yrs old female patient presented with 6months history of pain over low back region radiating to both lower limbs. She also had pain over neck region. She was a teacher by profession. She was apparently healthy before....

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