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Treatment For Disc Bulge

ALI ANWAR SADHIQUE, 29yrs MRD No: 17256 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (09/07/16) The 29yrs old patient had complaints of pain in low back region and back of neck for 4 months. The pain was radiating to left leg associated with difficulty in walking. He bends to right side while walking. He....

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Treatment For IVDP

VIKAS, 36yrs MRD No: 14048 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (11/12/16) The 36yr old male patient who is a Pharma Manager by profession presented with pain in the low back region radiating to right lower limb. He also had numbness of right foot. He had a history of fall 2yrs back. Since then he....

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Treatment For IVDP, Piriformis Syndrome

RATEESH, 41yrs MRD No: 14041 CONDITION AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION (01/11/14) 41yr old patient presented with a 3months history of pain in right gluteal region which was radiating to right lower limb. He also felt numbness in right leg especially in buttocks. Though he doesn’t had significant....

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The staff here has good experience and immediately knew how to treat my back ache.

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I’m feeling much, much better and I’m also feeling overall much healthier.

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When you discover Ayurveda, your life has changed because you become more natural.  It’s a wonderful state of life.

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